Rebranding Pattaya to attract Chinese and Russians


With the Coronavirus hitting the province hard, a plan has been put together to draw in the flow of eager tourists from low-risk countries such as China and Russia. Now that several countries have all but reduced the case of infection from COVID-19 the mayor of Pattaya has issued a new plan to have a revitalized and rebuild a newer, more convenient and vibrant Pattaya labelled ‘Neo Pattaya’.

With both authorities from Pattaya and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cooperating the state is currently considering and working towards allowing the province to become an Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALSQ) ready with its hotels being screened and approved, thus allowing Pattaya to be the other state with facilities that allow for ALSQ besides Bangkok. This is in hopes of encouraging tourism to return and revive the crippled economy and bring in more foreign investments. Right now, the province is currently awaiting approval to be allowed for U-Tapao airport to start accommodating tourists with STVs and is currently being prepared for inbound flights from abroad.