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Orbit Tours Thailand

Orbit Tours has been servicing client since the mid 2000’s as an online travel industry business with effective customer fulfillment. Our new standpoint during the current years is to bring to golfing devotees the absolute best golfing experiences in Thailand from the north toward the south and even on island settings.

Orbit Tours prides itself on introducing probably the most delightful and testing courses for the golfer and likewise have side tours accompaniments for those times when you just want to relax or have non-golfing company with you.

Behind our organization are golfers, travel writers and photographers who have direct information on the golfing venues firsthand and do travel reviews of the locales to guarantee you perhaps the best experience when you are playing golf in Thailand.

Orbit Tours is resolved to giving you one of the most remarkable golfing experiences during your visit to Thailand. We can oversee and support any number of guests and golf players. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and offer you the best pricing and packages as well as offer our assistance to ensure you are a satisfied client..


Orbit Tours intends to place Thailand as a standout amongst other golfing venues for the discerning golfer in Asia. Our wonderful areas, atmosphere and brilliant climate makes it a lovely setting to have a round of golf. We also provide you with the best golf mentors to offer you guidance, while improving your game and developing a competitive edge and to have an extraordinary gaming experience after.


OrbitTours moves in the direction of being one of the top golfing and fairway visit administrators. Orbit Tours also has an extraordinary and exceptionally curated range of golfing experiences from the experienced golfer to the novice by golfing experts.


Orbit Tours has a wide range of services to please just about any client requirements. Among some of our specialty is to create:-

  • Customized or personalized tour itineraries for customers who want a unique experience in-country
  • We can manage large groups for any event from golfing full packages to other tour requirements including special team building packages and MICE or FIT groups
  • We are a fully licensed tourism entity by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, therefore you can be assured that all our tour packages come fully insured against accidents while travelling with us.
  • We provide 24 hours of on-call service in your tour program which we are able to support any enquiries or problems that you encounter during your tour with us.
  • Our in-bound tour services include all caddy, cart and green fees for each golfer, in other tours we also include accommodation, travel options, food options etc and any other requirements you may have to ensure you have a great experience.

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