On-arrival tourist visas may get a 15-day extension

A Tourists’ Personal Experience With Thai Quarantine and Visa

Thailand is looking to draw in more foreign visitors to begin planning to travel to Thailand as the new inclusion of an additional 15-day extension for on-arrival tourist visas will hopefully help to counter-balance the mandatory 14-day requirement for quarantine. However, despite this announcement of extension people who do not already possess a previously issued visa may not be legible for this on-arrival tourist visa as the country is still under its lockdown until 2021. 

For those tourists who do possess their issued visas, this is good news, as the 15-day extension will help to make up for the loss of time and already 56 countries have been approved for this visa-extension while more is being planned to be implemented in order to help counter-balance the previous 7-month long quarantine that has left the tourism sector in shambles. But, it is still advised to always check, double-check and triple-check with Thai embassies before making plans.