Chocolate indulgence by the sea shore

The resort city of Pattaya always seem to have something that never fails to fascinate the many tourists and visitors to its shores which is not just for the sun and sea. The area of Pratumnak Hill has many new developments and currently lauded as one of the most prestigious areas to live in and invest. That aside, this knoll of hill has a commanding view of the Gulf of Pattaya, a private beach, the well-known Pattaya View Point, Big Buddha attraction and now a beautiful range of restaurants with a view to die for.


Welcome to a chocolate lovers dream come true at the Chocolate Factory. A place to indulge in your chocolate fantasies while enjoying the view and the ambiance. This restaurant in Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya is the second outlet after the one in Khaoyai, Nakhon Ratchasima. Similar to its sister restaurant, the Chocolate Factory Pattaya has full length windows throughout so that you get a breathtaking view of the coast and sea.


The restaurant is divided into three areas namely the retail section where you can buy various chocolate products and homemade goodies, the chocolate factory itself which is a chocolate workshop space for aspiring would be chocolatiers to join in their workshop sessions to create beautiful chocolate dishes under tutelage of a chocolate chef, the indoor and outdoor dining areas with plush seating and comfy outdoor seating for those who want to enjoy a view on the outside.


The restaurant opens in the morning for breakfast right through till dinner time. On the menu are a mix of European dishes and a fusion of Thai cuisine specialties.



Off course a must try are the namesake chocolate dishes such as the chocolate fondue with fruit or take your pick of over thirty different chocolate delights created by Chef Eric Perez, one of the top 10 dessert chefs from the United States.


Photo courtesy of Chocolate Factory

For me and I am sure many as well, the one thing I look forward too is to sink my teeth into some really delightfully sinful melt-in-your-mouth chocolate beauties.




With three whole display cases of these bite sized jewels, you will be spoilt for choice. There is dark chocolate, white chocolate, creamy chocolate, nuts in chocolate, liqueur embedded chocolates, fruit candy chocolates … oh! Chocolate heaven!


Photo courtesy by Chocolate Factory

If just indulging in these chocolates is not enough, give the chocolate workshops a try and learn how to make your own supply of sinful delights for those moments of cravings. For a small fee, of around THB380 you can sign up for a beginner course in chocolate making. This would actually be a great way to impress that someone special if you made your own customized chocolate goodies to accompany a very romantic meal at the Chocolate Factory.


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