Work Permits are given to the Top Tier of Thailand’s Elite Card Members

To help renew and boost the crippled economy due to the COVID-19, the government is in discussion of adding special work permits privileges to the Elite Card members of Thailand who have invested the minimal amount of $1 million USD into the country. This is in hopes of increasing investment to help revive and recuperate the property sector which has taken massive hits, as the government strongly recommends investments into the property sector. The Elite Visas distributed are meant for the duration of 5 to 20 years of permitted stay while having hopes of encouraging tourists to stimulate the economy and increase foreign investments and capital for the economy.

There exist a total of 9 membership types for the Thailand Elite Card. These benefits range from expedition of immigration lines at the airports, and a specialized limousine pick-up service from the airport. However, only those who have invested $1 million USD within the last year will be eligible for a new work permit including an additional cost of 1 to 2 million Thai baht.

Over the last two months, according to the President of the Thailand Privilege Card which runs and operates the Thailand Elite Card plan states that applications have been at an all-time high with 300 to 500 applicants which has thus encouraged the plan to be carried forth, with over 200 applicants already approved since then. Which contrasts the usual rate of 100 memberships a month? Of note for applicants for the future is that the process takes between 15 to 45 days and members will be screened by the Immigration Bureau and must go through additional screening by the national intelligence agencies.

Picture : Thai Embassy