What is it like to travel around Thailand now?


Travelling around Thailand will never be the same again. With travel restrictions to and fro within the country and inter-province travel, there is a need for documentation. At the present moment, travel is largely restricted from high-risk infected areas to the ones which are low-risk. If you’re looking to fly to Phuket there would usually be a 14-day quarantine, but due to the efficiency of containment, foreigners are deemed low-risk once they have completed their 14-day quarantine in Bangkok itself. If you’re looking to travel to regions like Chon Buri, Chanthaburi, Samut Sakhon, and Rayong, your travel is going to be restricted heavily and the requirement to download and use the new Mor Chana App for tracking your movements is mandatory.

Yes, your movements will be monitored in these areas which are under heavy lockdown. Furthermore, always carry the right paperwork. In times like this, the provinces will definitely ask you for your intention to visit and having the right documentation is going to let you fly through the doubled customs with relative ease. Before boarding any flights, the new norm now is to download the Thai Mor Chana App, which in itself is both a rating system and a tracking one for foreigners and Thai alike. Indeed, it is a ranking system of green and red, naturally, you want to stay in the green as a low-risk passenger onboard flights while also ensuring that facemasks are now required to be worn at all times. Food and beverages have also been suspended for onboard flights both domestic and abroad until further notice.

Still, if you’re on that flight to Thailand and looking to travel between provinces it is definitely possible and Phuket is still open to visits. However, each province will have its own unique tracking application for example; Phuket has ‘gophuget.com’ and ignorance is no longer bliss. Any and all questions should be asked at the airports before and after arrival into the Kingdom of Thailand and its provinces. Best to get to know everything.

Photo credit : Tatnews.org