Vaccinated Travelers get to enjoy 7 more days of holiday!

quarantine for 7 days!

This is such amazing news for travellers wanting to visit Thailand and also for the tourism industry! Vaccinated travellers can now have their quarantined period reduced to 7 days instead of the mandatory 15 nights. This is great because they can now plan their trips around the short quarantine period and use that time to source places they can visit and things they can do as the tourism landscape has changed drastically in the past year. Great news all around for anyone who wants to travel and miss the land of smiles.

For the tourism industry, it means that they can now have a breath of fresh air in getting back the travellers into Thailand and have the hope of potential income after the long layoff period.

But! Before you start packing your bags, just a few important things to remember is that before you can qualify for this too you must first have received the vaccine 3 months before travelling and you need to test negative on all Covid-19 tests within 72 hours before your departing flight. But, with recent concerns of a potential new variant of the coronavirus from Africa, any tourists travelling from the continent should be quarantined for the standard 14 days.