The TBEX Asia 2021 registrations are now open!


With the world greatly affected by the Post-COVID19 pandemic, there have been necessary changes and challenges which come with the new territory. The tourism industry is in shambles and it is hope and honour that Thailand is allowed to host the upcoming TBEX Asia on October 20-22 2021. 

TBEX Asia is the assembly of the world’s top bloggers and lifestyle creators which will be held in Phuket Thailand. This event will have a two-day programme which covers productive workshops and a conference that will highlight the beauty and attractions of not only the province of Phuket but the provinces of Southern Thailand such as Phang Nga, Krabi, Surat Thani, Songkla, and others. The TBEX Asia 2021 will remind and showcase that Thailand is still the leading travel destination in the world and shows the confidence of the country to rebuild its tourism industry and tourism in general by being willing to welcome international visitors from around the world in the midst of this crisis. The event will hopefully reinvigorate and revive the local economy of Phuket and Thailand as well.