The Peculiar Legend of Ai Kai (Egg Boy)

The Peculiar Legend of Ai Kai (Egg Boy)

There is a temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat that has thousands of roosters in all sizes adorning the roadside as well as on a piece of land where sits thousands of these roosters that would put CP chicken or KFC in a bid for most chickens displayed!

It is said that these statues of chickens were dedicated to a little boy called Ai Kai who lived a little more than a hundred years ago. Each chicken, big or small represents a wish granted to the person who has asked for the favor from Ai Kai. As a result from this, he has garnered a wide following especially from Malaysia, Singapore and off course Thailand.

This little boy is said to have drowned one day and at his little shrine, it was said he granted favors to those who asked of him. He is said to have a fondness for the “khanom piak” biscuit and the cherry drink, as well as what most little boys liked such as toys and surprisingly some followers even gave him real life super Bikes!

In his temple you can see pictures and a wooden statue made in his image from a dream that one of the followers had. There are also two super large roosters and do not be surprised to see real live roosters wandering around too.

This is one temple you have to see to believe. Make your way to this off the beaten path of Nakhon Si Tammarat to learn about the place, the legends and to explore the many eco sights as well as to take in the wonderful food!