Thai Tourism Looks to the Film Industry for Revenue

PHOTO: Wind Up Films

Photo credit : Wind Up Films

In hopes of keeping the tourism industry afloat, Thai tourism officials have opened their arms towards the film industry to draw film producers and their actors, as well as staff to the country in order to help generate income.

It is estimated that 3 billion Thai Baht is set to be made if this new scheme is put into effect. According to sources, foreign film projects with investments over the amount of 100 million baht are ideal which helps to recuperate the losses met by the Thai tourism industry. With a steep decline of 83% during 2020 as the drop is seen from the 40 million tourists of 2019 to a mere 6.7 million as of 2020. From sources of the department of tourism, the director-general states that last year alone Thailand had welcomed 176 international film productions into the country which helped to generate 1.73 billion Thai Baht which helped to stimulate the local economy. However, this is still operating at a mere quarter of 2019’s 740 foreign film production companies that helped to generate 4.86 billion Thai Baht.

Just last year, 53 film production companies were permitted entry and had to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine which helped to generate 1.14 billion Thai Baht from August to December. Despite the lockdown, film companies are still allowed past the closed borders under special permissions which will help to generate income for the local people while the lockdown continues to slow tourism down. With over 4 more film projects and another nine more underway this year for the first and second half it looks to help generate upwards of 186 million Thai Baht and will help to keep 800 people or more afloat in terms of employment in these tough times.