Thai Special Tourist Visa now available worldwide!


Good news all around for those looking to apply for the latest Special Tourist Visas. When previously only a select few countries would be allowed, the Thai Immigration has announced that this list of countries shall extend to nations beyond the medium to low-risk of COVID-19 pandemic. This global allowance has not put any halt to the stringent and strict preventive measures taken as all tourists must still under-go the voluntary quarantine upon arrival and must show proof of their long-term accommodations or residences within the country. Rentals, hotel reservations and any documented proof for long-stay residence will suffice and possession of a medical and travel insurance is a must along with a Fit to Fly medical certificate. 

For now, the STV permits a 90 day stay with a further 180-day extension and will be available throughout the year until 2021 September. Right now, the fee costs 2000 Thai Baht and with 2000 Thai baht more for each 90-day extension up to 180 days. To those who are interested, please ensure that they contact their local Thai Embassy for further details.