TAT proposes attracting a MILLION foreigners ,work with no work permit, right to buy land ,TEN Year stay

TAT proposes attracting a MILLION foreigners - work with no work permit, right to buy land - TEN Year stay

In a proposal by TAT to the Prime Minister Prayut in a meeting today at a video conference in Government House, highlighted the most aggressive shakeup to date to attract four unique groups of foreigners who are estimated to bring in a healthy injection of funds from retiree investments, earn able income with taxes and more.

The trade off for these four target groups are a TEN year visa, working without needing a work permit, 17% only in taxes and be allowed to buy landed properties in Thailand. These four groups would consist of those in the millionaire clubs who can afford a total of $1 million in property and business investments, high-earners who are digital nomads in stock exchange houses or working for foreign companies externally and these companies earn more than 10 million or more, workers with high skill sets revising skills and knowledge exchange, last but not least the retiree group who have a minimum of 80,000 in government bonds.

There are more criteria’s by which one should read between the lines, but if this proposal does go through, then foreigners looking to invest in Asia, this would be a good opportunity.

Picture credit : Jcomp Freepik