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A Thai Ghostly legend

The Thai peoples are rather superstitious peoples and their spiritual as well as beliefs in the supernatural has been passed down from generation to generation. However, one story stands out among all others and has become a ghostly legend spanning almost two centuries during the time of King Mongkut. Even if you do not believe […]

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Flowers in Thai Cooking

Thailand is full of natural food resources that has found its way into many of the Thai cuisine. What may seem inedible to the more conventional taste buds would be a delicacy or staple in the Thai menu. While we may consider flowers to be a decorative item, in Thailand they are part of the […]

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Chee Chan Golf Resort
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Latest updates Thailand Tourism

“Life goes on ..” tourism information for visitors to Thailand. Most of visitors to the Kingdom of Thailand will be or are asking these questions. “Should you visit Thailand at this time? Will I enjoy myself if I come to Thailand during the mourning period? What can I expect if I come? Should I cancel […]

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