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Chiang Rai

Beautiful budget motel Kongkam House in Chiang Rai

This is actually the first time I am in Chiang Rai. Prior to the trip, our plan was to cross over to the Burmese border to have a look around so we looked for hotels around the area of Mae Sai which is where the border gateway stands between Thailand and Burma. There are a […]

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Golden Traingle Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai
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Three countries and one river at the Golden Triangle Chiang Rai

Between Chiang Rai city and Mae Sai city, lies the infamous Golden Triangle. Known for the drug smuggling, poppy growing and opium trade, the Golden Triangle has mostly been cleared of these notorious activities, mostly on the Thai side. Before you reach the site of the Golden Triangle, you can see an Opium Museum which […]

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