LATEST UPDATES: Will the Red Lights of Pattaya Shine Again? Pattaya’s Walking Street


With the reopening of the Walking Street of Pattaya, it bears with its an infamy from many years of historic service as a hub of earthly pleasures for young men during WWII and the subsequent Korean and Vietnam Wars. Since then, the place has been marked as a den of vice and decadence with many pleasures. 

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, many of the establishments have since been closed down. According to the Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Khunplume, there is a need and desire to rebrand the image of Walking Street. Officials have already begun a temporary make-over of much of the street, which leaves many of the shop owners, bar girls and the renters wondering if “temporary” is merely a cover for permanent. Thus far, Pattaya’s Walking Street has been opened to traffic once more, with smoother bus and taxis transits, as they aren’t encouraged to wait and loiter, improving traffic. Unlike in the past when the women would do much the same. 

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