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50,000 select foreigners to start arriving next week

Thailand has finally reopened its doors to allow selected foreigners back into the Kingdom! This also means that it will not be long before the ban on international flights will also be lifted.

It is expected that the first batch of around 50,000 foreigners will be allowed to revisit or to continue their businesses etc here in Thailand. The travel bubble concept for tourists also comes into play here with the expected arrival of tourists who qualify for the travel bubble concept.

The biggest group expected to arrive from the 1st of July comprises of the medical and wellness group, followed by skilled workers, students and business people. Families are also expected to be reunited with the loved ones and people with properties here in a Thailand as well as retirees are those included in the group coming in also on the 1st of July.

While there are still requirements for most on the agreement for the 14 days quarantine, the USD100,000 medical insurance upon entry, early visa application and certificate of medical fitness, it can all be now easily processed at the Thai embassies and consulates at the respective countries.

For more information on the new guidelines on re-entry to the Kingdom, please follow the link by the Bangkok Post which has the relevant details.

Bangkok post