LATEST UPDATES : state of tourism industry in Thailand

Pattanapong Hirunard

While the arrivals of foreign tourism back into the country is going to be slow in coming even with the proposal of the newly coined “travel bubble”, it would be no surprise that arrivals are going to be slow in coming due to the many restrictions in place for potential travelers.

How is all this affecting the tourism economy, which has been enjoying exceptionally high revenues pre-Covid19. It is not going to be easy to recover even a notable portion of the lost revenue and question now is what are the hundred thousands of laid-off tourism related employees going to do?

A huge portion is from the airline agencies. The national carrier Thai Airways has filed for recovery assistance from bankruptcy while its offshoot Nokscoot which is a joint venture with Singapore Airlines for domestic destinations has permanently laid its wings to rest.

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Photo : Pattanapong Hirunard