LATEST UPDATES : Great News for travelers to Thailand!

Great News for travelers to Thailand!

AirBnb is set to reopen their AirBnb Experiences in Thailand. At the moment, the scheduled reopening of their experiences would be the 29th June 2920. They will continue to monitor the progression of their infection rates and also government guidelines over this period for any changes, of which AirBnb will inform their customers via their site.

The AirBnb Adventure series will however be scheduled for reopening on the 31st August 2020. All their safety guidelines and protocols are as follows:

1. Please note your health conditions eg. If you feel unwell or think you have symptoms, it is advisable to cancel your booking or wait 72 hours to after the symptoms have disappeared.

2. Wear a mask at all times and bring a hand sanitizer to keep hands clean at all times while also keeping social distancing in mind.

You may make advanced bookings for your preferred trip to see if they are open or will be opening soon.

Picture : The sixth floor

Great News for travelers to Thailand!