Indian Golfers rate Thailand as one of their top destinations for golfing


According to a recent survey which was conducted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) from their New Delhi Office and other various Indian based golfing companies. The results show that Thailand is rated as one of the best destinations for golfing. Despite the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing enthusiasm from the international community of India who still has an interest in travelling for golfing, particularly in Thailand according to the statement by Mr. Vachirachai Sirisumpan, the Director of TAT’s New Delhi Office.

An astounding number of Indian golfers who took part in the survey “Golfing in Thailand” shows that 97% of golfers rate Thailand as their best-golfing destination and points out that the hospitality of Thailand is worth the investment and value for money as well as luxury at an affordable price. Due to the proximity of Thailand and India, it becomes one of the key factors as to why Thailand as a premier golfing destination for golfing holidays comes to mind when decision making is considered.

For validity a sample group of 1005 respondents were selected based on their preference for golfing and their origins from all across India with 65% from Delhi and NCR, 5% from Chandigarh and 30% from various parts all across the nation. The survey was held from the 10th to the 27th of July 2020.

Based on the survey it shows that 88% of the respondents all have plans to resume travelling abroad for golfing post-COVID-19 and it is noted that based on the survey 92% of Indian golfers show concern and emphasis on safety being their primary concern. According to the Managing Director of SLW Group Mr. Anil Dev. He mentions that golfers are demanding especially in the hospitality sector and Thailand is by far the leading nation in that category and it is expected based on his statement that Thailand would be the first destination amongst other nations where golfers would travel to as their first stop Post COVID-19.

With Thailand being the dream destination for many golfers worldwide due to its fantastic golfing facilities and over 250 golf courses located throughout the country and with many top-quality courses that offer friendly caddies reasonable green fees will help greatly in attracting golfers to this ideal destination.

In order to facilitate this, TAT New Delhi Office and SLW Group have both launched a seamless golfing experience in Thailand known as the “Thai Golf Passport”. It allows Indian golfers to join in on a rewarding loyalty programmer that allows for redemption of points for products from over 200 leading brands whenever they visit and play in Thailand.