Foreign Tourists to arrive this month

Foreign Tourists to arrive this month

Despite the delays for the first batch of foreign long-staying travellers to arrive with their latest Special Tourist Visa, the Tourism and Sports Ministry says it will promise to raise the number of tourists to meet its 1,200 tourists per month quota. According to Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, there was a slight delay in the arrivals due to entry processes being muddled.

Thus, it is from the minister’s statement that the schedule two groups from China are first going to undergo some entry processes and their itineraries rescheduled since their October 8th date of arrival was set back due to extra processes. It is with the hope that the new STV will be the first ‘general tourism’ form of visa which will help with the slow and gradual reopening of the country’s tourist machine.

With the approval of the STV since September 15th and officiated on the 29th, Minister Phiphat states that since this visa is still recent in its implementation there are still a lot of wrinkles to be ironed out at the point of origin for incoming tourists. It is guaranteed that the ministry will closely monitor the first month of this particular visa scheme’s operation before deciding if it should be followed through with a reduction in the mandatory quarantine period which is intended to be reduced by half.

Though the 14 day, 6 day, and 6 hour quarantine is currently under monitoring, it still requires proper observation on its step by step process. Currently, the factor which is important is assuring people that foreigners will not bring in the COVID-19 virus, and quarantines can help assure them.

Although there are numerous alternative quarantine hotel facilities which are available in various provinces, travels who are long-staying still have to enter Thailand through either Bangkok or Phuket provinces via international flights which is just another tick in the box of a long list of guidelines. Thus far, Phuket and Bangkok are the only ones with ALSQ facilities and Samui is looking to receive approval and certifications as well.

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