Expat Festive Deal 2020 by TAT brings a whole new season of fun


This 3-day event starting from the 20th of November to the 22nd will be held by TAT for ex-pats in Thailand at Bangkok’s Emquartier shopping mall offers a variety of new seasonal attractions for ex-pats still living in the Kingdom. To help with the revitalisation of the tourism industry TAT is putting together this seasonal delight to draw attention towards the festive seasons of Christmas and the New Years for those ex-pats who are still unable to return home for the celebrations. With numerous travel deals and promotions varying from airlines, travel agencies and lodging, to amenities such as spas, golf courses and other attractions. There is an abundant selection of over 80 travel operators and tourism groups, and airlines that are coming together to make this a festive event a memorable experience for all who attend. 

The highlight to this event will be a wonderful Christmas and New Year atmosphere that will excite and invoke the fond memories of past celebrations despite this trying and pandemic riddled year. With highlights such as scrumptious food and beverages which have a festive flair to them such as savoury delights of Thai cuisine that has been mixed and fused with International styles. 

This event is not to be missed!