Discovering Khanom Bay


Khanom Bay is located along the coast of Nakhon Si Thammarat overlooking the serene Gulf of Thailand. It is actually a boat ride away, to the ferry port that brings you to Koh Samui.

Many have missed out on the beauty of the little island formed from centuries of washed down granite. There are in total 9 larger islands and several smaller ones. Today, we will explore one such island with its little shoreline cave.

The longtail boat we took could land on a little patch of sandy shores on the island. The water was so warm and clear you could see small fishes swimming around. The cave was about the size of a very large room and goes several feet in. The formation of the granite on the island is marvelous with its many color and layers as a result of being washed down by the tides over the centuries. This is a water table of the number of years that it took to form these islands.

Many people come to Khanom Bay to observe the pink dolphins. These dolphins have returned because of the expanding sea grass project which brought back large quantities of mullet. The dolphins feed on these mullets as part of their diet. Admiring the beauty of these granite islands is often missed, including the ones that have mythical stories behind them. So next time you are planning a visit, especially from the bordering countries like Malaysia, it is just a drive up from the border to visit Nakhon Si Thammarat with all its natural beauties like the gem of Khanom Bay! So see you here soon!