COVID-19 Updates in Thailand

COVID-19 Updates in Thailand

COVID-19 updates as provided by the Government of a Thailand effective from 23rd June 2020 at 11.30 hours.

Lately there has been new cases detected in the country making it 5 new cases so far. There has been no fatalities which is holding steady for the past few weeks. The government has been working to restart the economy and tourism in the country by lifting some of the Emergency Decree Lockdown protocols.

Inter-province travel is now allowed, however the guidelines and safety protocols are dependent on the authorities from each respective province. So please check on the travel modes and requirements before doing so.

Most services are now open with the time restrictions lifted to 9.00 pm, allowing businesses to open longer also the is no longer curfew hours in the country. The selling of alcohol is now permitted but consumers are advised to be prudent with the consumption of alcohol to within acceptable limits.

Services such as massage establishments are reopened offering foot massages, manicure and pedicure. All restaurants, eateries and food courts are now opened with social distancing protocols in places. Likewise all shopping complexes, night and weekend markets are also reopened.

Tourists attractions such as temples with the exception of the Grand Palace are reopened for tourism. Other tourism establishments with the exception of outdoor adventures and water, amusement parks still remain closed until further notice.

Note that entry to all places require a quick registration on the Thai Chana site through mostly the LINE application as well as the mandatory temperature checks before entry and the availability of hand sanitizers for hygiene purposes