COVID-19 Updates in Thailand 24th June 2020

COVID-19 Updates in Thailand

COVID-19 updates as provided by the Government of a Thailand effective from 24th June 2020 at 11.30 hours. .

Situations have improved tremendously in Thailand. The wheels of economy are turning again and new actions are being taken to ensure the return of visitors and foreigners to a Thailand.

There are less cases of the viral infection which attest to the quick intervention and monitoring of the pandemic situation allowing the country to recover faster. While there is still practice of the “New Normal” everywhere and protocols on social distancing, at the very least foreigners can soon enjoy their visits and holidays here in Thailand.

As there are rapid developments to the lifting of the lockdown and reopening of the country once more, we advise you to keep up to date here for your news and developments in a Thailand.

COVID-19 Updates in Thailand