Blooming In Style at PB Valley Winery Khaoyai

Blooming In Style at PB Valley Winery Khaoyai

The much awaited “winter” season is officially upon us in Thailand now. Temperatures have dropped drastically over the last few days making it much cooler and more comfortable for outdoor activities and it also means it is the flower blooming season in Thailand. This is also the most colorful time of the year and it is no wonder that PB Valley Winery has anticipated this by planting luscious flowering plants in their estate during this season as an attraction and now turning into an event which is held every year at their winery.

The opening on the 12th of the PB Flower Park was a blast with the activities such as cycling trails where you can now rent bicycles at the main building where the Great Horn Bill Grill and Restaurant is located and more but as it lasts for the whole cold season it is still a fantastic place to go visit while it lasts. There are just as much activities now and also the grapes are in bloom at the vineyards so this is also a great time to plan your visits to the winery and explore the place while all the plants and flowers are in bloom. Bring your cameras and have great once in a year selfies there or have a wonderful lunch at the Great Hornbill Grill with a great view of the flowering plants.

The PB Valley vineyard is also the proud winner of the Kinaree Tourism Award 2017 and consecutively for a few years running making PB Valley Vineyards one of the must see attractions in Khaoyai. When you visit the flower event, you would see 9,999 marigolds planted in the form of the Thai number 9 to honor the late King Bhumipol as well as beautiful sunflowers and more. You can easily reach the Flower Park from the Great Hornbill Restaurant and Grill by foot or by shuttle tram for a mere cost of Baht 20. You will find more than 60 varieties of flowers in this flower event.

Blooming In Style at PB Valley Winery Khaoyai

Do not forget the wine tasting tour while you are there and try the award winning Shiraz and my personal favorite the Rosette which is a wonderful light and fruity drink reminiscent of one being in a faraway European country but you are in Thailand! Also there is a great live band playing every Friday and Saturday night there. Oh and do not forget their exciting upcoming Harvest Festival which is also the farmers Market on the 3rd of Feb 2018. Get your bags full of local healthy produce and enjoy a drink of two while you are there, do not worry kids are not left out, they have their very own non-alcoholic Shiraz Grape juice too!

So come on over for a glass of wine, have a belly full of good food and enjoy the sights of beautiful flowers and mountains in the PB Valley Winery!

Blooming In Style at PB Valley Winery Khaoyai

If you would like to visit the spectacular flower gardens around the Khaoyai region and also to visit the vineyards located in Khaoyai, check out Best Thai Wine Tours that specializes in tours around the Khaoyai region

Address for PB Valley Khaoyai:

Address: 102/2 Moo5, Mitraparp Road Payayen Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30320
Hours: 8AM–8PM
Phone: +66 81 733 8783

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