A small price to pay for insurance

PHOTO: Willy Thuan/phuket101.net

According to an announcement recently by the National Tourism Policy Committee, the approval of a tourism fee is to be charged to every foreign visitor to Thailand for the management of local tourist destinations. A total sum of 300 Thai Baht or 10 US Dollars will be charged in order to provide the basic insurance benefits for all tourists entering the country. The Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn clarifies that foreign visitors will be charged 300 Thai Baht per visit and when this takes place will be announced once it has been made official on the Royal Gazette. This insurance cost for all tourists is a mandatory requirement and it covers the basics of medical care for tourists who fall ill upon arrival in the Kingdom or suffer any accidents.

For now, this is still up for discussion amidst the Finance Ministry and the Office of Insurance Commission as all sides are in discussion over the implementation of this new scheme. For clarity sake, 10% of the total insurance payment of 300 Thai Baht will be used for insurance coverage. Worry not, however, for this is not simply a quick money grab scheme, the other 90% is guaranteed to go into helping maintain local tourist destinations which have been ravaged by the pandemic, as many had to close in recent months. Many more gripping on the lifeline of the government’s aid, the funds gathered here will go to ensuring that the destinations remain that made Thailand a truly iconic destination.

PHOTO Credit: Willy Thuan/phuket101.net