A mandatory 500K Thai Baht show of funds is required for SETV applications to Thailand

Thailand Tourist Visa

A word of advice for foreigners who wish to apply for the Single Entry Tourist Visa or SETVs must now show proof of 6 months worth of bank statements which show a bank balance of minimum 500,000 Thai Baht. 

This rather ambitious and startling financial requirement in lieu of the usual 20,000 to 40,000 Thai Baht bank balance is not the only requirement on top of the usual requirements post-COVID-19 non-Thai people who are returning to the Kingdom of Thailand must also show a Certificate of Entry, declaration form, quarantine booking, Fit to Fly Certificate, a negative tested COVID-19 result and possessing an insurance policy of a minimum of 100,000 USD which covers all incidents including COVID-19. 

For now, it is unclear if this is a temporary requirement or a long-term one as the country’s list of jaw-dropping changes to its VISA requirements has continued to churn out n lieu of this pandemic. For those looking to visit, this new ruling should be adhered to and are advised to consult their local Thai Embassy or Consulate for further information.