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t’s not only the Baan Chang elephant park that attracts the tourists to this culture rich region of Thailand; it seems that Chiang Mai has something to offer everyone.

With the Bazaar market, stretching over several blocks displaying roofed concession areas, authentic Thai shops and street vendors that entice thousands of visitors each week, and the flight of the Gibbon, an attraction that takes worthy adventurers high into the canopy of the rainforest 1300m above sea level via zip line; Chiang Mai can weaken the knees of even the most experienced traveller.
Chiang Mai “the rose of the north”, has a population of over 170,000 in the main city, and with over 1 million in the metropolitan area it is the fifth largest-city in Thailand.

This hub of the north is elevated at 316m above sea-level and is surrounded by lush, green countryside and a spectacular mountainous landscape.

Being much greener and quieter than the capital Bangkok, this rose of the north is an escape to pure, natural beauty.

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